Cut The Claws Of His Rabbit

Cut The Claws Of His Rabbit

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The care to bring to your rabbit is not numerous. However, it is necessary to do some to allow your rodent to live in peace and security. Its physical security depends in particular on the size of its claws. Like her teeth, they are constantly growing. It should be cut regularly. How? Let’s look at this together.

Cut The Claws Of His Rabbit

Why cut the claws of his rabbit?

Teeth and claws have one thing in common with your rabbit: they grow continuously . Like teeth , its claws must be monitored . Unlike his teeth, they must be regularly cut (see below) or cut . In nature, the rabbit is able to use them enough. This is not always the case for your indoor rabbit who will not have the opportunity to jump or run on abrasive or hard surfaces .

Cutting his nails prevents him from hurting himself . Indeed, a claw too long can hang , turn around and cause him preventable injuries . It can also scratch you without your rodent’s intention. In case of fun with a congener, the latter may be injured unintentionally . There are so many reasons to cut his claws. Also be aware that the claws of the front legs tend to grow faster than those of the hind legs.

What to know before cutting them

Before you cut the claws of your rabbit, you must bring a special claw cutter , available in specialized stores . Note that those for cat are also a possibility .

At first you may need a third to keep your rabbit motionless and minimize the risk of injury.

At the claws of your rabbit (4 at the back, 5 at the front), you notice a white area (half cut) and a pink area. The latter must not be cut . Indeed, it is a vein . In addition to hurting your rodent, you will cause a small hemorrhage . For darker claws, do not hesitate to bring and help you a lamp behind the claw to distinguish the 2 parts of the claw.

How to cut them?

If you are a neophyte , hire a third party . He will hold your rabbit on his lap while you prune the claws, or keep it on all 4 legs on a flat surface like a table . Already used to these manipulations, you can place the rabbit on the back and on your knees. He will have to remain calm for the intervention to proceed without danger.

Then you will spread the hair to highlight the claw. Place the claw cutter at the white area in the middle and cut. Repeat this gesture on all claws.

You will notice that the claws are of slightly rounded shape . You must respect this form when cutting so that regrowth is no problem .

How often ?

If your rabbit is to walk, run and be active on a daily basis, his cut will be less frequent . Indeed, it will wear more easily its claws, which will limit the speed of thrust. On the other hand, if your rabbit is mostly inactive or sporadically soliciting its paws, then count between a month and a month and a half between each cut.

What to do if your rabbit bleeds claws?

His claws have been cut too much, to the point of reaching the vein? If the bleeding is not important, apply a sterilized compress taken in your rabbit first aid kit . This will allow the blood to stop flowing. Remember to properly disinfect the wound. The claw will heal itself the following days.

If the bleeding is severe , disinfect quickly and place a compress , then run to the nearest veterinarian.

In summary

Cutting the claws of your rabbit is a gesture as delicate as it is easy once acquired. As a first step, ask your veterinarian to show you the steps of this important moment. Then, you can help a third party before doing it yourself. The frequency of cutting depends on the activity of your rabbit. The more he makes use of his paws, the more his claws will grow slowly due to wear.


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