Rabbit Diarrhea

Rabbit Diarrhea

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Diarrhea is not really good news for your rabbit. This is a reaction to an underlying cause. Reaction of the body that can lead to death rather quickly. It is therefore necessary to have a reactivity to any test.We explain why and how diarrhea occurs in this animal.

Rabbit Diarrhea

As a first step, diarrhea should be differentiated from loose stools . These are far less alarming than the first. Above all, diarrhea is more rare, but extremely urgent. It causes a profound disruption within the body of your rabbit, promoting its rapid dehydration .

Beware, the rabbit is an animal that has a very short digestive tract and that eliminates two types of saddles: “hard” molded saddles it leaves out, and soft stools called “caecotrophs”. These stools as soon as they are emitted are ingested by the rabbit to undergo a second digestion.

Find balance to avoid diarrhea and loose stool

Before any diarrhea starts, it’s important to remember that your rabbit’s digestive system is fragile. The hay, eaten throughout the day for both the teeth of your rodent and his body, allows him to improve its intestinal flora , and therefore to limit any aggression on his digestive system. Above all, your rabbit needs to exercise daily to maintain an operational digestion and thus avoid any digestive problems.

Soft stools may appear quite regularly . They must be supervised and not lead to staining of the buttocks. Most of the time, they result from malnutrition or from an integrated food in one’s diet; his digestive system must get used to his presence. In case of doubt or questioning, do not hesitate to take advice from your veterinarian , who will guide you and deal with carefully and method the diet of your protégé.

How does diarrhea appear?

Diarrhea , in your rabbit, is never there by chance. There can be several causes :

  • stress resulting from a change in environment or simply a situation which does not please your protected. Stress will act immediately on his digestive system and cause disorders at this level.
  • lack of food . The absence of fiber, a diet that is too sweet, too rich in fat or just a sudden change can cause diarrhea.
  • hot shot , especially in the summer.
  • The cold water distributed too cold for example, or air flow.
  • reaction to an antibiotic . If your rabbit is being treated for another disease, his digestive tract may be struggling with an antibiotic, and react accordingly.
  • infection bacterial, viral or parasitic.

What reaction to adopt?

Diarrhea is a serious and dangerous phenomenon for your rabbit. The latter undergoes a deep dehydration and the liver can also be affected. We must react quickly. Consult your veterinarian urgently, so that he can set up a suitable treatment. When diarrhea occurs, the cause is not always identified. Your veterinarian will know exactly how to determine it. Above all, diarrhea causes other problems such as lack of food. The stop of the digestive transit can intervene rather quickly when your rabbit does not feed anymore, it is then a vital urgency.

What treatment?

Everything will depend on the condition of your rabbit . If he has diarrhea but continues to eat, the treatment will be less aggressive than if he remains prostrate, lethargic and has fever. Depending on his condition, he may be hospitalized to be rehydrated and kept under observation until his condition improves.

Unfortunately, sometimes diarrhea leads to the rapid death of your protégé, hence the importance of being cared for as quickly as possible.

Another very important point, it will think to thoroughly clean your home , the cage of your protégé, change his litter and disinfect his accessories. Diarrhea can be very contagious. Thus, during his convalescence, your rabbit will have to be quarantined.


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